Limited edition Pen of the Year 2008 by Graf von Faber-Castell

Special Edition Fountain Pen with Satinwood and Platinum-plating

GvFC_Pen-Year-2008_case“Pen of the Year 2008” – this year’s outstanding limited edition fountain pen from the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection . This fine release features the world’s smallest parquet of finest Indian satinwood. The inspiration was Countess Ottilie’s private salon (or drawing room), found in the Faber-Castell castle, which itself features 100 year old panelling in luxurious East Indies satinwood. (This expensive wood is also known as lemonwood due to its fragrant scent and thus the Countess’s salon has come to be known as the ‘Lemon Room’).

The pen’s herringbone pattern was also inspired by the Countess’s own writing desk which, along with other items of her furniture, features such a pattern. There are at least 84 satin wood rectangles which have been individually hand crafted for the filigree herringbone pattern on this  amazingly detailed writing instrument. GvFC_Pen-of-the-Year-2008cuNo two panels are the same and each individually numbered instrument is therefore unique. The barrel has been repeatedly polished and varnished in a very time-consuming process, and the numbered implement is crowned by a chessboard-faceted citrine gemstone set in the end cap, platinum-plated metal fittings and an 18-carat bicolour gold nib, which has been carefully manufactured in an elaborate process including many stages performed by hand. Finally the nib, which is available in Fine, Medium and Broad writing widths, has been run in by hand for excellent writing properties and performance.

GvFC_Pen-Year-2008_parquetEach pen is individually numbered (inside, on the plunger filling mechanism concealed underneath the platinised cap). The metal clip is of solid metal, is hinged and spring-loaded.

As the owner of a Pen of the Year you can register your pen and take advantage of an exclusive service: once a year you can have it cleaned and checked by experts, at no charge*.

This writing instrument oozes quality and is truly a work of art.

• Quantity produced is limited to one year’s production only.
• 18-carat bicolour gold nib which is ‘run-in’ by hand and available in
• medium (M), fine (F) and broad (B) nib widths.
• Spring-loaded solid metal clip to ensure that the pen sits firmly in the pocket.
• Platinum-plated metal fittings and citrine gemstone incorporated into the design.
• Each implement is individually numbered and comes in an exclusive wooden case
• with a beautifully designed brochure plus certificate.
• Limited Edition Certificate bears the personal signature of Count Faber-Castell.
• Complimentary service and clean by experts, at no charge*.

* Correct at time of writing (early April 2008). Service, operated by Faber-Castell, requires registration.

£2246.85 each (including VAT for UK & EU countries)

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