“GOTICA” limited edition fountain pen

(Caran d’Ache Private Collection). Rhodium-coated Sterling Silver.

Limited edition “Gotica” from Caran d’Ache’s “Private Collection”. It is a miniaturized tribute to gothic art and architecture. “Gotica” has a six-sided rhodium-coated sterling silver body and cap and each surface displays a gothic window of rosette and fleurs-de-lis in luminous colours. The edition is limited to 1140 pieces as a tribute to the age which provided its inspiration.

Each of these luxury fountain pens starts its life in the workshops of Barcelona silversmiths Miguel Cunhill who produce the silver framework for the gothic decoration. Caran d’Ache master craftsmen then apply the colours to the pen using a fine brush. The colouring technique is appropriately reminiscent of that used to create stained glass.

Presented in a handsome wooden case, the Gotica is destined to become a reference for collectors.