Limited/special edition fountain pen: Pen of the Year 2007 by Graf von Faber-Castell

With Fossilised/petrified wood and Platinum-plating.

“Pen of the Year 2007” – an outstanding limited edition fountain pen from the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection. 2007’s release takes us millions of years into the past with a barrel made of petrified wood.

Cut and crafted by expert gem cutters, the fossilised wood is painstakingly crafted to give the barrel jewel-like qualities.

GvFC_penoftheyear_2007_gift_boxPetrified wood has formed over a period of up to 360 million years by being subjected to a permanent crystallisation process. During this immense amount of time, the wood has undergone a unique metamorphosis while being buried in the water, mud and volcanic ash. Minerals, metals, lime or phosphorous from the mighty sedimentary layers have dissolved and impregnated the very fibre of the fallen trees. Gradually they have replaced the wood, while retaining part of its organic structure. In the presence of silicic acid, petrified wood may transform into a precursor of semi-precious gems such as chalcedony and agate …

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Product codes: 145040 (Medium nib) / 145041 (Fine nib) / 145043 (Broad nib)